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The rule of thirds

There's a groundbreaking rule I want to share with you.

I learned it from a Greek-American Olympian named Alexi Pappas.

During the 2016 Summer Olympics, she represented Greece and set the national record for the 10k race.

In a recent interview, she said something that caught my attention.

During one of her training sessions…

She struggled to hit her splits and was concerned since she was preparing for the Rio Olympics.

That’s when…

Her coach, who was also an Olympian, introduced her to the Rule of Thirds.

Not knowing what the Rule of Thirds was, Alexi was like, “What’s the Rule of Thirds.”

“When you're chasing a dream or doing anything hard,” he said, “you're meant to feel good a third of the time, OK a third of the time, and Crappy a third of the time. And if the ratio is roughly in that range, you're doing fine. So today was the crappy day along your dream chasing.”

He concluded by saying that if the ratio is off, meaning you're constantly feeling either too good or too bad, you should examine whether you're not putting in enough effort or pushing yourself too hard.

So I’m listening to this…

I was struck by how this advice can apply to business as well.

And I’m like, “Damn, that’s a good way to see business and life itself.”

You see…

There are days in my business when I'm just not feeling it.

This feeling can persist for weeks, and it's a terrible place to be in, especially since I have a family to take care of, employees to lead, and clients who need me at my best.

So when I heard what Alexi's coach told her, it just made sense.

That’s why, from now on, I'll pass this advice on to every client and student I work with.

Because it just makes sense.

Ultimately, what matters is what you do when you're feeling crappy.

For me, that means focusing on consistency by reducing the intensity of my work.

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