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Insanely busy but still want to be Fit?

3 Tips to fit it all in

We’ve all been there: One blink and early morning has turned to evening. Where did the time go? You been cautious in how you planned your day and still, as you take inventory all you’ve managed to accomplish were critical things. There was no room left on your plate for anything “fun”. No room left for anything that you enjoy. So how do you stay fit when your day and schedule seem completely full? How can you get in the things that matter to you when all of your time seems consumed by the critical things and leaves no time left for anything else?

3 tips here will help you to be able to get more time in for fitness and other things

  1. Map your priorities: Know what you are doing it all for! Take the time to map out digitally or on paper what 5 things matter most to you in life. Once you have them, rank them in order of importance from 1 – 5.

  2. Decide what you are doing that you need to delegate or eliminate: When your cup is full you need to make room for more liquid. Contrary to whatever 2 sentence catchy phrase you may have heard or read; you cannot have it all. No one can so at least, for time, we are on the same playing field. Simply by identifying with an hard honest look what you have in your routine will not get you the outcomes you hoped for when you started, no longer fits the bigger picture, is a low value return on your time and efforts or that simply conflicts with your top 5, delegate it or get rid of it. This step alone can often return 10-15% more your time back to redirect towards things that matter.

  3. Make a new schedule: Show me a persons schedule and I will show you what matters most to them. Talk is cheap. Make a new schedule that reflects the addition of things that you have been neglecting including your fitness and your mental health (connected/not mutually exclusive), your relationships and your family. After you take the courageous steps of identifying, setting up and executing on this new plan, you will start to reaps the benefits and feel much better about being busy! Most tend to find very quickly that they do not miss the things they cut out!

Remember that you are the engine under the hood of your life. Following these steps have the added benefit of also getting you in the habit of managing your expectations. Another healthy and vital step in building the kind of life that is balanced and beneficial.

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