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How to Prioritize when you’re overwhelmed

How do I prioritize things when I'm overwhelmed? This is a very common thing to ask yourself, particularly when we live in a world that moves faster and faster every day. It would seem as though the pace of our life almost seems to move at the same pace as technological advancements. Almost as fast as we can receive the information, it can tend to affect us for better or worse. With all that unfettered onslaught of information rushing at us every moment, it can become very easy to feel overwhelmed much of the time. So What is an effective way for you to deal with that?

You must begin by going back to the beginning! When you pick the area of life, you find yourself overwhelmed in, start by writing out a list of what's most important to you. What do you want or hope to achieve, stabilize, or keep in the category of your family, for example? Write that down, and then list what's most important to you. When you have that list take a look at the top three to five things and resolve them for yourself; then, you will stop doing or engaging in anything that doesn't help you to build, grow, achieve, or maintain those top three to five results. Then begin immediately eliminating things from your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks that either detract from those things or completely conflict with them. By doing this, you will start to feel your stress levels lift, your contentment increase, and your ability to handle things will improve almost overnight.

We often get caught up in trying to be very good at things that we shouldn't be trying to do at all! We always say no to something else to gain something of value. When you effectively prioritize, you give your mind and emotions an opportunity to reset and realign. This helps you focus on what matters and discard what doesn't. One of the key areas I always work with coaching clients in is refining priorities. Without this, no real growth is possible.

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