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Early warning signs you might be making a bad decision.

Updated: Feb 12, 2023

You likely face a lot of decisions every hour, every day, every week. The good news is this provides you with the perfect set of conditions upon which you can turn yourself into a precision decision-maker.

Start by identifying two things: the anatomy of decisions that you feel badly about weighed against the anatomy of decisions you felt good about. They are very different and can teach you a lot. The anatomy of decisions that you have felt bad about in the past. The second is the decisions you feel good about making you in the past.

When you think about poor decisions you’ve made in the past, most of the time, you likely didn’t feel right even before you made the decision. What was happening during that decision process? No doubt, you came across a series of variable that presented themselves to you, and had to examine the information in front of you, the information available. Then you failed to take a full rapid inventory of your desired outcomes, values, and beliefs and choose. The result? A decision you did not feel good about. Inevitably, even before we made a choice, we begin deciding on an area that conflicted with our values or beliefs or conflicted with the desired outcome that we want. Is it no wonder we ended up with a choice that we did not feel good about?

What does a great decision look like?

You've had those moments in the past, haven't you? When you faced a series of choices and made a decision that you felt good about when you made it and the effects, the consequences of your decision only reinforce that you made the right one? Before you made the decision, you made a quick check in to make sure that your decision was in alignment with your values, beliefs and desired outcomes. You probably even felt good before you saw the results of your choice.

The anatomy of this kind of decision-making will put you in a position to form the right foundation to build good decisions from. Putting this understanding to work right away will help you immediately begin to get better outcomes in any area you make decisions in.

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