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Change is the worst! Or is it?

Why is it that although most will readily acknowledge the need for change, almost everyone finds it uncomfortable at best and awful at worst? The problem is that as creatures of habit we can find ourselves wanting to have all the benefits of change but figuring that we can somehow "hack the system" and avoid all the challenge that change can bring! In general, we tend to really hate being uncomfortable and gravitate towards what is in our comfort. The dichotomy is that most of the results we want in our business, career, fitness or life are often on a fairly clear path but wrought with uncomfortable choices and actions.

If you want to overcome this, learn to get control of your mindset. Develop an affinity for discipline instead of waiting to feel motivated. The problem with motivation is that it wanes. When it's there, it's awesome and invigorating. When it's not? You can't bring yourself to do anything. Discipline on the other hand is a constant, reliable force of action. It gets you results regardless of your desire or motivation at the time. It is governed by the knowledge that once you have a process and method that you can trust will get you the desired results over time, then you just need to commit to developing the discipline to take regular action.

So combine discipline with the right process and allow yourself to ignore whether or not you "feel" up to it. Then watch and see how that over time, you can feel confident that you will reach your desired outcomes and you will have developed or increased a powerful skill that is absolutely essential if you want to continue to reach milestones in your business, career or life.

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