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What is Obisdian Investments LLC?


Born out of Brian's frustration with being more passionate about scale, optimization, team building and sales than his previous employers were, he started helping companies on his own. With great results, he knew he could continue to help Entrepreneurs scale, build great teams and lead with less stress, more rapidly! We are so obsessed with helping our clients to achieve outstanding outcomes and so certain in our track record of doing it that if we don't provide quantifiable value, we don't want your money. Passionate about delivering service with heart. We exist to help support high performing managers and teams to help businesses grow 5X-10X. We are here to support people under pressure achieve new peaks with better balance than ever before so their company can grow. We help you get out of your own way so you can get to the next level.


Contact us now if you're ready to get control of your business and position it to scale! We are selective about who we partner with and not everyone is the right fit for us. We narrow our focus on only working directly with 4 companies at a time per month and book quickly or get on our workshop waitlist! 

Space is limited! 

Forest Trees


To help 1 million early founders scale their business to 1 million dollars annually and beyond.



Our vision is to provide the utmost services in everything we do, by providing advice that has gone through critical analysis and provide outstanding customer service to all clients and potential clients. 



My name is Brian Arradondo

Before the first iPhone was released, Brian was at the forefront of innovative technologies designed to help clients break through barriers, experience new levels of success, and change their paradigms. All while facing the challenges of being an overlooked founder. With a foundation rooted firmly in the beliefs that people can generate massive change in their lives and businesses, that processes are at the core of business and behavior, and that Systemic Behavioral dynamics is the discipline that ties them all together, Obsidian was born. Built on a collection of over 21 years of experience in the business world on many different levels and backgrounds, instead of giving our success stories to other people, we came together to create a company that was built on diversity, inclusion, and equality and most of all honesty which can be hard to find these days.  


     Brian is a dynamic Owner and Founder of Obsidian Investments. With over 21 years of experience with Consulting since 2004. With all his business adventures and successes since 2001. Brian brings a breath of fresh air to the business world. A Data Scientist, Six Sigma Black Belt, Systems thinker, Process-oriented Consultant, Commanding Speaker, Dynamic Coach, mentoring and consulting hundreds to the next level, and a passion for seeing overlooked founders reach their fullest potential. A family man of five, his biggest passion is seeing individuals' success stories.

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